Worry Cloud Book and Plush Toy Bundle!

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Do you have a worry, big or small? The Worry Cloud is here to take it away — somewhere far, somewhere safe. Breathe in deeply, breathe out slow, and watch your worries go go go.

Worry Cloud is a heartwarming, interactive children's book created to help little ones ages 2+ understand their worries and manage them in a playful and endearing way. By building a safe space for them to voice their fears and anxieties, the book also allows parents and caregivers to understand how to help them. Through fun rhymes and illustrations, the book encourages children to take deep, calming breaths to allow their worries to float away with the cloud.

●  Includes a QR code to a singalong animation sung by TV Personality, Aurora Culpo, and accompaniment by classically trained pianist, Gus Culpo! 

●  Encourages open conversations about feelings and emotions

●  Gently introduces the benefits of breath-work

●  Teaches children that fears and worries can be managed

●  For ages 2+

●  10x10 hardcover

Worry Cloud Plush Toy! 

As soft and fluffy as a real cloud, our charming, friendly-faced hero is here to collect all worries big and small and carry them away. Paired perfectly with our book, Worry Cloud, this adorable cloud plushie offers an interactive, tangible way for children to visualize their worries floating away with each exhale.

●  Offers reassurance and comfort whenever there’s a big worry in their mind
●  Helps reinforce deep breathing techniques
●  Dimensions: 9.5” wide and 8.5” tall