About Us & Caregiver Resources

About Us

Mindful Minis Publishing is an independent publishing house based outside of Boston, Massachusetts. Mindful Minis focuses on children's books that foster mindfulness and connection in a fun and playful way. The mission is to assist caregivers in having open conversations surrounding mindfulness in the early years, as children's brains are developing at a rapid rate. The goal is that these techniques, songs and mantras will resonate during some of the tough emotional periods that children will undoubtedly face. The belief is that if we begin to teach these techniques at an early age, it will help to shape children’s minds to have healthy reactions to the big emotions they will experience throughout their lives.

About the Author

Christine Carlucci Evans is the founder of Mindful Minis Publishing and is the Author of Worry Cloud. She’s an experienced digital advertising sales executive and the mother of three young girls.  After a long career in advertising and digital media, Christine made the tough decision to leave the corporate world to be home with her children. This decision allowed her to focus on her children’s development and ultimately lead to the creation of Worry Cloud. Christine's vision is to empower children from an early age with the tools to manage anxiety, cope with stress, and foster healthy relationships with their parents and caregivers. 

When she is not writing, Christine enjoys spending time with her family and friends, creating fun new games, and traveling.