About the author

Christine Carlucci Evans is an accomplished sales executive, author, and mother of three young girls.  Prior to her professional career, Christine graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of New Hampshire, as she has always been passionate about understanding the mind, people and their relationships, and how we all see and connect with the world.

After a long career in advertising and digital media, Christine made the tough decision to leave the corporate world to be home with her young daughters. This decision allowed her to focus on her children’s development and ultimately lead to the creation of  Mindful Minis Publishing. Mindful Minis is an independent publishing company dedicated to teaching young children the importance of mindfulness, communication, breath work, and building connection with their family, friends, and themselves.


Christine's vision is to empower children from an early age with the tools to manage anxiety, cope with stress, and foster healthy relationships with their parents and caregivers. Her books are designed to make mindfulness practices accessible and enjoyable for children aged 3-7 years old, using relatable characters and engaging illustrations.


Christine's work has been widely praised for its ability to help parents and children create a stronger bond through mindfulness practices. Her books have been described as "a must-have for any parent looking to instill positive values and coping skills in their child."


When she is not writing, Christine enjoys spending time with her family and friends, creating fun new games, and traveling.

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